Loughgall v Portadown


Loughgall Youth entertained Portadown on Saturday past at Loughgall Country Park in what was a better day for flying a kite rather than playing football. The game was played in difficult conditions with the boys finding it hard trying to come to terms with the strong wind.Portadown started the brighter side and used the wind,to their advantage in what was a lacklustre performance from the villagers. On the day Portadown adapted to the conditions better than the Youth with Loughgall’s only notable efforts not even troubling the Portadown keeper.After a poor first half things didn’t get much better in the second with too many players on the day not wanting to know! the only time Loughgall resembled them old-selves was the last 5 minutes when Alexander Black headed in at the back post from James’ teasing cross, but very few of the Loughgall team came out of this with any credit.  They created very few chances and when chances were created they either delayed or could not hit the target. All in all a day to forget for the Youth.
John Forde in goals had another great game and made some outstanding saves throughout,as he continues to improve week by week.The defence of Jordan Bentley, Nathan Stoops, Ben Gillis, Chris Lindsay and then Ben Gibbons and Jamie Cupples all found the going tough against a strong Portadown midfield and forward line. Nathan again was the stand out defender and if the rest of the team had his fighting spirit then performances and results would then start to improve.The midfield of James Black, Marcus Stevenson, Adam Neill and Alexander Black all tried their best with Marcus been the pick of the midfielders and like Nathan,Marcus’ desire and commitment can’t be questioned.Sam Kerr and Curtis Mayes tried hard up front but to no prevail as to many times they didn’t get the service or quality ball their accustom to getting.


Overall a poor team display with the exception of a few.
Man of the Match: Nathan Stoops
Squad: John Forde, Jordan Bentley, Ben Gillis, Nathan Stoops, Chris Lindsay, James Black, Adam Neil, Marcus Stevenson, Alexander Black, Sam Kerr, Ben Gibbons and Jamie Cupples.
 Nathan Stoops